Oombaga in a nutshell:
Oombaga is a mobile application which allows timeshare owners to pay maintenance fees, make reservations and carry out transactions with their resort. The middleware connects timeshare owners to their resorts making transactions seamless via any online and mobile device. Owners/members may choose float assignments, exchange, rent and book their time all in one place through tablets, smart phones, websites, emails and instant messaging. Download App
How does Oombaga work for Owners?
Owners download the app, touch the screen and are ready to rely on Oombaga as a Command Center for all their important timeshare decisions: choose Float/Flex assignments, initiate internal trades for individual resorts, receive statements online and pay both maintenance fees and mortgage payments online. Owners can purchase and pre-pay for Guest Services from pre-arrival shopping to ski-lift tickets.

How does Oombaga work for Management?
Oombaga provides a comprehensive allocation system which gives Managers complete control over inventory in real-time. It also allows for easy on-line billing of maintenance fees, assigning Club and unit reservations as well as comprehensive Accounting. Oombaga’s complete integration eliminates paper pile ups and clogged booking and accounting procedures.

2013 Top Innovaton in Vacation Ownership Industry!

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Who thought of it?
John Staley & Delaina Probus-Staley of Triton Timeshare Software developed the software over the past year with the partnership of the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI).

Working together with everyone
Oombaga offers a seamless interation from your resort’s back office to your owner’s hand held device or any online device; it automates tasks to free your staff to provide premier customer service to your guests; it’s not magic, but it’s pretty darn close. Oombaga has been designed and incorporated to interface with any participating property management system(s). Everyone wins! Oombaga has been created to work with everyone and share revenue by increasing conversions, interactions and payments with vacationers. Oombaga invites companies connected to resorts, developers, management, exchange, HOA, rentals, brokers, software, finance, marketing and clubs to take part.

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